Our Mission

Our mission is to unify, train, educate, and cultivate higher education staff and their associations;
to create a powerful voice for staff within the state of Utah;
to instill a sense of pride in higher education staff;
and to educate the citizens of Utah regarding the worth of Higher Education.

UHESA provides a means of association and communication between the Staff Associations of each institution of the Utah System of Higher Education. Membership in UHESA consists of representatives from each institution's Staff Association officers and all higher education staff. In addition to monthly meetings and quarterly conferences, UHESA organizes a Day at the Capitol each February for all higher education staff to speak with legislatures about the importance of higher education within the state system and its vital role as an economic engine for the state.

Bring a Friend to Finish

Return, Learn, and Earn


Join UHESA in our completion initiative; “Bring a Friend to Finish- Return, Learn, and Earn”. Higher Ed staff in Utah are taking action to increase completion among our friends who have “some college, no degree". Higher Ed staff facilitate degree completion every day. From custodial staff to enrollment specialists, we know the connections students need to succeed. We are talking to our friends and we invite you to join us!

Anyone can “Bring a Friend to Finish” to RETURN, LEARN, and EARN!

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yours can be too!

Return, Learn, & Earn today!

2015-2016 Officers

Sylvia Bradshaw


Sylvia Bradshaw
Dixie State University

Andrea Brown


Andrea Brown
Dixie State University

Brett McKeachnie


Brett McKeachnie
Utah Valley University

Secretary: Debbie Millet, Dixie State University

Treasurer: Vern Bales, Utah State University - Eastern

Legislative Committee Chair: Clint Moser, Utah Valley University

Media/PR Committee Chair: Todd Hugie, Utah State University


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