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U.E.N. Recognizes American Graduate Champion at D.S.U.


Sylvia Bradshaw, Dixie State’s Director of Sponsored Programs, was recently recognized by the Utah Educational Network as an American Graduate Champion through her efforts in the Bring a Friend to Finish program (BFF). About the program, Sylvia said, “Higher ed staff across the state are reaching out to their friends and extending an invitation to “Return, Learn, and Earn”. Anyone can complete a referral for a friend (or theirself) at and serve as built in mentors and make the critical connections to enhance degree completion.”


The BFF initiative was realized, created and is maintained through the hard work of our member college volunteers. It is a way we can help people get their education, continue, or even finish their college degree. We at UHESA are honored to be recognized from UEN for the hard work that has gone into bringing the Bring a Friend to Finish program to fruition. We all love education and want everyone to have the ability to get educated, with a great education you can grow in your job and even in society. UHESA works diligently to bring a togetherness and oneness for our staff members at the colleges in the state and strives to bring education to the forefront of people’s minds.

She is featured on UEN’s website at

You can view the American Graduate program broadcasted by UEN at

2017 – 2018 Officers

President: Julia Ellis – Salt Lake Community College


President-Elect: Jenny McConnell – University of Utah

Past-President: Andrea Brown – Dixie State University


Secretary: Shalece Nuttall – Utah Valley University

Treasurer: Nathan Gerber – Utah Valley University

PR/Media Committee Chair: Gus Calder – Salt Lake Community College

Legislative Committee Chair: Jim Logue – University of Utah

Bring a Friend to Finish (BFF) Chair – Kevin Springer – Salt Lake Community College

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to unify, train, educate, and cultivate higher education staff and their associations; to create a powerful voice for staff within the state of Utah; to instill a sense of pride in higher education staff; and to educate the citizens of Utah regarding the worth of Higher Education.

UHESA provides a means of association and communication between the Staff Associations of each institution of the Utah System of Higher Education. Membership in UHESA consists of representatives from each institution’s Staff Association officers and all higher education staff. In addition to monthly meetings and quarterly conferences, UHESA organizes a Day at the Capitol each February for all higher education staff to speak with legislatures about the importance of higher education within the state system and its vital role as an economic engine for the state.