Strategic Goals


The mission of UHESA is to unify, train, educate, and cultivate higher education staff and their associations; to create a powerful voice for staff within the state of Utah; to instill a sense of pride in higher education staff; and to educate the citizens of Utah regarding the worth of higher education.


I. UHESA serves all staff in higher education and works together to:

    1. Unify higher education staff associations toward common goals.
    2. Provide representation and a powerful voice for staff in higher education in Utah.
    3. Offer a means through which staff may influence decisions that affect employment, compensation, benefits, retirement, work environment, and any other matter pertaining to the work environment.
    4. Improve relations of higher education staff with the Office of the Governor of the State of Utah, the Utah State Board of Regents, and Utah State Legislators.
    5. Train staff association leaders on ways to help strengthen their associations and institutions, as well as instill a sense of pride in staff.
    6. Present means of association and inter-communication among the staff within the Utah System of Higher Education.
    7. Educate and encourage staff of the USHE institutions to become involved in the political process.
    8. Promote the worth of higher education in the state of Utah.